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Words That Describe Leaders

Leaders. We all know them when we see them in action or benefit from their experience.  I was recently presenting at an event.  One of the tasks I asked attendees to do was to come up with a list of words that describes leaders.  Ahead of the event I created my own list of words. […]

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Leading In Uncertain Times With Jude Jennison

Leading is tough a lot of the time. In these uncertain times it becomes even more of a challenge. In this expert interview, Jude Jennison shares her insights into leading in times of uncertainty. She shares her expert insights on:The role of the leader in normal timesHow leaders need to adapt when leading in uncertain timesThe 3 most […]

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10 Questions To Ask In Challenging Times

Organisations need good leaders at all times.  In challenging times the role of leader and leaders (who might not necessarily be the most senior people) becomes even more critical. Right now being a leader is tough.  Thinking clearly, making the best choices and navigating the business will be a challenge for all leaders. So what are 10 […]

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To Get Better Results When Leading, Do More of These Things

Leading is one of those areas that appears simple from the outside looking in.  Of course being the observer or analyst is a whole lot different from leading. Does that mean that getting results as a leader is impossible?  Definitely not.  At the same time it’s often the small changes that have the biggest impact. […]

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Allowing Others to Shine When Leading and Managing

You perform well in your professional field.  You get promoted into a management role. Maybe you go even further and make it into a leadership role. Some accountants and professionals make that transition almost effortlessly.  Others find it more of a struggle. What you need to understand about managing or leading We often are presented […]

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Leadership Tips Part 1

In this blog post I’m sharing 10 tips on being successful as a leader. Tip 1: Create A Compelling Vision Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve for the organisation, function or team that you lead. Tip 2: Get buy-in To deliver your compelling vision you need to get the buy-in of all […]

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