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What Makes A Leader Stand Out In Challenging Times?

2020 has without doubt been very different.  Organisations and individuals are having to deal with a lot of uncertainty. Leading at the best of times is tough.  It’s certainly much harder than it looks. In tough times the demands ramp up.  Expectations are greater. People want answers.  Sometimes they are aren’t available. So what makes a leader stand […]

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Words That Describe Leaders

Leaders. We all know them when we see them in action or benefit from their experience.  I was recently presenting at an event.  One of the tasks I asked attendees to do was to come up with a list of words that describes leaders.  Ahead of the event I created my own list of words. […]

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Leading In Uncertain Times With Jude Jennison

Leading is tough a lot of the time. In these uncertain times it becomes even more of a challenge. In this expert interview, Jude Jennison shares her insights into leading in times of uncertainty. She shares her expert insights on:The role of the leader in normal timesHow leaders need to adapt when leading in uncertain timesThe 3 most […]

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The Consultative Style of Leadership

Involve others in key decisions is often the normal default style for leaders. Like all styles of leadership it has benefits and drawbacks. So when might it be right to use a consultative or participative style of leadership in order to achieve the best result or outcome? Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements helps health […]

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7 Qualities Of Good NHS Leaders

The NHS is a massive and complex organisation with many leaders.  Having worked in the service for 15 years before setting up in  business I came across some great leaders.  So what were the 7 best qualities of those leaders? Quality 1:  Right Focus In the NHS there is always a lot of talk about […]

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The Big Leadership Decisions For The NHS

Having gone through several years of year on year increases in funding, the NHS is now facing a period where for the foreseeable future funding in real terms is likely to fall. At the same time there is greater demand for services through a combination of longer life expectancy and people generally being more conscious […]

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