Help the members of your professional association or professional institute improve their leadership, management and presentation skills and be more successful in their careers

As a professional association or professional institute you want to offer events and conferences that help your members grow, develop and progress in their career.

I’ve been speaking at professional association events since 2007.

To date I’ve worked with in excess of 5,000 professionals, helping them:

  • Take charge of their career
  • Become better managers
  • Become better leaders
  • Become better presenters
  • Improve teams
  • Be successful business partners
  • To lead and manage change

All of the sessions are highly interactive, practical, content rich and focused.

I’ve spoken:

  • At local evening events
  • At conferences
  • On webinars

I’ve delivered breakout sessions for small and large groups.

If you are looking for a speaker for your event, get in touch with your requirements.  I’ll set up a time to talk with you to learn more and to determine whether I’m right for you.

I also regularly introduce other speakers from my network for topics that I don’t cover personally.