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Getting Engagement of Stakeholders

As any leader in the healthcare sector will tell you, getting engagement is one of the biggest challenges you face.  With so many different stakeholders what can leaders do to try and improve engagement? Get A Clear Picture Of Who Your Stakeholders Are You can probably make a good stab at identifying the really obvious […]

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Facing Up To Reality And Taking The Tough Decisions

Without doubt leaders and those working in healthcare organisations face some really challenging times.  Some might even say that this is the most challenging period in the history of the NHS.   With demand rising and financial resources reducing, leaders have to face up to difficult decisions. Faced with difficult decisions there is a fine balance […]

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5 Realities Of Cost Improvement Planning In The NHS

With the challenge of increasing demand and reducing resources, cost improvement plans are a key area of focus.  Having spent over 15 years working in the NHS and preparing various cost improvement plans, I know how challenging this can be. Looking back on my own experiences and taking account of the economic landscape, what are […]

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10 Key Questions Leaders In NHS Organisations Must Answer

With the Government, Monitor and many others stating that the economic outlook for the coming years is going to be challenging, leaders in NHS bodies have some tough times ahead. In the busy and demanding environment that most NHS organisations work in, it is sometimes difficult to stand back and take the time to consider […]

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The Unique Challenges Of Leading In The NHS

  Leaders face the same challenges whatever sector they work in.  On one level this might well be true but having work in both the NHS and outside of the NHS I believe that leaders face some unique challenges.   Public Expectations   The public have a real interest in the NHS which overall is […]

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Improving Team Working In The NHS

Being one of the biggest employers in the world means that there is huge potential for teams to deliver great results.  While there are many examples of teams working together, there are also opportunities to improve team working between different disciplines. So what can the NHS do to get even better at team working?   […]

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