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The Lack of Time Is Not Really The Problem

I work with a lot of accountants and professionals.  They work hard.  They are usually pretty driven and ambitious. Like many they struggle with the issue of too much to do in the time they have available. Of course we all know that time is not one of those areas that you can buy an […]

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4 Reasons Why A Leader Might Want To Consider Having A Coach

In just about every field where people are successful, they have a coach or in the case of teams several coaches. Over the years the number of coaches working with leaders in organisations has increased significantly. As someone who has worked at senior levels in large organisations and has been a qualified coach since 2006, […]

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3 Top Tips for Setting Your 2019 Goals

The start of a new year is often a time when people think about goals for the year. Of course thinking about goals and actually achieving them is very different. So often people start off with great intentions. They might actually get started. All good. So what are my 3 top tips to increase the […]

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Thoughts On Leadership

A former boss of mine once said that leadership is hard to define but that you know it when you see it. In this short video I share some thoughts and perspectives on leadership. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about leading. And I’ve realised that you are never really the finished article when […]

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How To Be A Good Manager

The career path for professionals is very familiar. Do a good job as a professional and you get promoted. When promoted you have to manage fellow professionals. It can be tough. So how can you make that transition and be a good manager? Remember that getting better as a manager is continual work in progress.

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Making A Bigger Impact As A Finance Team

Finance teams are in a great position.  They have well qualified, hard working and committed people. The foundations are in place to make a big contribution to the business. Sometimes that happens.  Sometimes teams are just plodding along, doing the basics well, What about your team? If your finance team is not making the kind […]

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