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What Aspect of Accounting Do You Really Love?

Love and accounting are perhaps not too words that naturally go together. If your professional field is accounting there are probably some areas that you enjoy more than others. Those areas which you love are likely to be those areas where you do your best work. When you are focusing on the work that you […]

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How To Be More Effective In Your Search For Your Next Job

When I started out in the world of work in 1980 things were very different. Most professional jobs were either advertised in a quality newspaper or a professional institute magazine. There was no internet, no online job boards and no recruitment websites. Now things are very different.  There’s no shortage of recruitment job sites.  Every […]

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Do The Foundational Work Before Starting Your Job Search

If you are like the majority of accountants and professionals you more than likely approach your job search in the following way. You decide it’s time to move jobs.  You open up your computer.  Update or create a new CV.  Start applying for jobs. You might be wondering what the problem is with this. Let’s […]

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Is It Really Worth Planning Your Career?

With all the talk of Artificial Intelligence, the end of the idea of a job for life and suggestions that those coming into the workforce now having several careers, you might be wondering if it is really worth planning your career. After all if there is no certainty what’s the value? From my perspective it’s […]

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The Role of The Accountant Is Changing- Are You?

I started out in accountancy 37 years ago. Back then computers were major bits of kit housed in a central computer system. To get transactions posted to the accounting system you had to send input sheets to the computer centre for processing. Processes were manual, everything took a long time. There was no email and […]

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Working With People Across The Organisation

When people from different disciplines work together then there is much greater scope for delivering better results and outcomes. Yet within organisations there is still a lot of what I term silo working. What I mean is that they see things just from their own narrow perspective. So how can you work effectively with people […]

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