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Getting Paid What Your Worth As An Accountant

You set out on your accounting career. You put the time and effort in to get professionally qualified.  You may even have financed your study for your professional qualification. Now it’s just a case of enjoying the rewards. If only it was that simple. Some will be reaping rewards.  Others may be earning much less than their potential. So how […]

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Why Job Interviews Are A Struggle

Why a job interviews such a struggle for many accountants and professional people. I think one of the reasons is that people don’t identify enough potential questions and then write out answers to those questions ahead of a job interview. And as a result, what happens is they really struggle on the day and get rejected. When I […]

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The Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Your Next Job

Looking for a new job is a big commitment. At the time of writing this article, most of the world is still dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Many accountants and other professionals have found themselves out of work. As a result there are more candidates chasing each role. So without doubt looking for your next job is even […]

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How To Talk About Your Weaknesses In A Job Interview

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. I just wanted to do a quick live this morning to talk about an area that I know is a struggle for many people, particularly people from professional backgrounds like Accountants, who I work with extensively. And the topic I want to talk about this morning is how […]

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Building A Successful Accounting Career Is Never About This

When we start out in accounting we learn a lot. We study for exams and get professionally qualified. We become good at a lot of stuff. We might even become know as the go to person in the department. While it’s vitally important to get really good at the core accounting work, it can be your downfall in my […]

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How To Stay Resilient When Looking For Your Next Job

Let’s face it.  Looking for and landing your next job is tough at the best of times. Right now, 10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2021 it’s even tougher. I’ve shared lots of tips around CVs, cover letters, job interview preparation and job interview success. Something I’ve talked about a lot less is resilience and being […]

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What Can You Offer To Your Next Employer?

Load up your CV.   Make a few changes for your most recent role.  Start applying. Get job interviews.  Get job offers. Sounds really simple.  In theory it is.  In practice it’s not. As part of the hiring process those making the decisions want to know what you have to offer. What surprises me from working with clients and hiring […]

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Ask Yourself This Question Before You Apply For A Job

Looking for a new job can be tough at the best of times. In an employer market, where there is even more applicants, it becomes even more challenging. A mistake I see accountants and professionals make is falling into is adopting what I call the spray and hope strategy. In essence applying for everything that might appear remotely […]

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