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Are You Paying Enough Attention To Body Language In Job Interviews?

I think we would all agree that job interviews are a unique form of meeting. Hopefully you will have done your preparation and feel ready for anything that comes up on the day. Chances are that preparation will include things like:Researching the organisation.Researching the sectorReviewing the job description and person specification.Identifying potential questions.Coming up with answers to […]

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Preliminary Job Interviews and Informal Chats

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. In this video, I want to talk very briefly about the informal chat or preliminary interview. You see over recent weeks, what I’ve noticed is that more and more of my clients are being invited to go along for an informal chat ahead of the formal interview. Now one […]

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Why You Should Arrange A Mock Job Interview Ahead of The Real Thing

Job interviews are part and parcel of landing your next job. If your application has done its job and got you through the screening process, you are a big step closer to getting the job. Here’s the problem.  Many accountants and professionals struggle in job interviews. This might surprise you.  On the other hand think about it. Most of […]

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Asking For A Pay Rise In Challenging Times

I was doing a client webinar recently.  After the formal presentation there was a Q&A session. One of the participants asked a question about asking for a pay rise in these challenging times. It’s a great question.  Equally not necessarily an easy one to answer. If you are working in somewhere like Finance you are likely to be […]

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40 Years and Counting

30 June 1980  I started my career in accounting as a Payments Clerk.  With  5 O Levels I wasn’t exactly starting from strong foundations to build an accounting career . I was however really fortunate to have a boss who saw my potential. One day he dropped a copy of the local college prospectus on my desk. I looked […]

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