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40 Years and Counting

30 June 1980  I started my career in accounting as a Payments Clerk.  With  5 O Levels I wasn’t exactly starting from strong foundations to build an accounting career . I was however really fortunate to have a boss who saw my potential. One day he dropped a copy of the local college prospectus on my desk. I looked […]

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Remote Job Interviews- What You Can Learn From Television

Being interviewed remotely for a job in accounting or your professional field is the new norm. For many this will be a whole new experience. There may well be a new level of pressure. Equally there are upsides too. In my latest expert interview I spoke with Media Coach Alan Sevens. Alan has 40 years plus experience in media. In our […]

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What Assets Are On Your Personal Balance Sheet?

As an accountant you appreciate that on a balance sheet there are fixed and current assets. Fixed assets include things like plant, equipment, buildings, technology and even goodwill. Current assets includes cash in the bank, stock and debtors. Assets are used to create value. Taking this concept and applying it to your finance career, what assets might you list […]

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Take The Long Term Perspective When It Comes To Your Career

Who could have imagined at the start of 2020, how very different the year would be? We are into our 11th week of lockdown in the UK at the time of writing this blog post.  Something few would have ever contemplated or imagined.2020 might have been the year when you had big career plans.  Maybe you were […]

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The Secrets To Being A Successful Finance Manager With Robin Kiziak

There’s a lot published in various formats on the role of the Finance Business Partner and CFO. Less is published about the role of the Finance Manager. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview highly experienced Hardcore Finance Manager Robin Kiziak. In our interview Robin shared his insights into being successful as a Finance Manager […]

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7 Steps You Can Take To Get Ahead of The Game With Job Search

We are in what many describe as unprecedented times. Some accountants and professionals have lost their job as a result of COVID-19.  Others have been furloughed.  Many have had to take a pay cut. Right now it might feel like searching for a new job any time soon is going to be tough. Without a doubt in some […]

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