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Sometimes You Just Need Someone Else To Help

One of the most rewarding things I get to do in my business is working with clients one to one to help them land their next job. When they reach out initially, they are often really struggling. They are working hard. But just aren’t getting the results that they want. Confidence or loss of confidence is more common than […]

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Using Reverse Mentoring as Part of Your CPD

I was on a virtual conference recently.  During the conference one of the discussion points was around reverse mentoring. Now you might be thinking, what is reverse mentoring and when might it be important. Chances are you are probably familiar with mentoring. In essence it’s where you work with someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. You utilise […]

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Does Your Covering Letter Matter When Applying For A Job?

Job applications, does your covering letter matter? The short answer is yes, and let me explain why. If you go that extra step and do a covering letter it immediately sets you apart from the majority of candidates who won’t bother. Secondly, it puts you in a position whereby if you’ve written a really good covering letter, the […]

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Questions You Might Ask At The End of An Accounting Job Interview

In any job interview, you know that there will be the opportunity for you to ask questions. One thing is that many accountants worry about what questions they should or shouldn’t ask. The reality is that there is no specific questions that everyone should ask. The reason is that you are unique as a candidate. You will have areas […]

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Who Hires A Coach or Mentor?

The options for undertaking your continuing professional development are extensive these days. So much is accessible online from webinars, to full training courses and even on places like YouTube. Another option that some choose is to work with a coach or mentor. It might be something you might have considered. Alternatively it might not have been something you were […]

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Learning From Others

I was on a Zoom meeting recently with someone in my network. Both of us had a similar route into work at 15 or 16 with basic qualifications. Despite that we both got professional qualifications and did alright in our respective careers. One thing we spoke about was the importance of having others you can learn from. You might […]

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The Realities of Remote Job Interviews and How To Address Them

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more and more likely that you will be interviewed remotely. Now we all understand that job interviews under normal circumstances can be tough. It might feel that being interviewed for a job over Zoom or Microsoft Teams is a huge challenge. Of course for every downside of remote job interviews, there’s an […]

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Getting Paid What Your Worth As An Accountant

You set out on your accounting career. You put the time and effort in to get professionally qualified.  You may even have financed your study for your professional qualification. Now it’s just a case of enjoying the rewards. If only it was that simple. Some will be reaping rewards.  Others may be earning much less than their potential. So how […]

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Why Job Interviews Are A Struggle

Why a job interviews such a struggle for many accountants and professional people. I think one of the reasons is that people don’t identify enough potential questions and then write out answers to those questions ahead of a job interview. And as a result, what happens is they really struggle on the day and get rejected. When I […]

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