Helping accountants and professionals be effective leaders, managers, presenters and build successful careers

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Is this you?

  • You’re an accountant or professional.   
  • You’re ambitious.
  • You do good work.
  • You get good feedback.

But you’re struggling to make the progress you want in your career.

The truth about achieving success in your career

  • It’s more like a marathon than a sprint.
  • Being technically brilliant and professionally qualified is not enough.
  • It’s highly competitive.

The good news is that building a successful career is possible if:

  • You learn how to market and sell yourself effectively to employers
  • You build the skills and attributes to successfully transition from technical expert to manager and leader.
  • You are able to make the transition from traditional accountant to a finance business partner
  • You can work with a broad range of people outside of your professional field
  • You can communicate and present your ideas effectively

Since 2006, I’ve been helped over 5,000 accountants and professionals:

  • Land their next job
  • Become better managers and leaders
  • Improve their presentation skills
  • Be more effective finance business partners

Before that I spent 25 in accountancy climbing the career ladder from Payments Clerk to Finance Director.  I understand the challenges you face.  I can offer support based on real life experience.

I Offer:

  • One to one coaching and mentoring
  • Training and workshops for finance and other teams of professionals
  • Seminars and talks for professional associations and institutes

What best describes you?

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