Being A More Effective Decision Maker

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Every leader and manager understands that until a decision is made, no action is taken and if no action is taken then it is unlikely that you will deliver results.  At the same time taking decisions is not always what leaders and managers do   Common Barriers To Effective Decision Making   Over the years I have come across a whole host of reasons why leaders and managers resist taking decisions.  These include:   Procrastination – by that I mean delaying or putting off something so that a small decision ends up becoming a major...

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The Core Skills and Qualities To Being An Effective Manager

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The Core Skills and Qualities To Being An Effective Manager

Many people get into a management role because they have built a reputation as someone who gets things done. While some successfully adapt and make the transition to a management role, there are others who struggle.  In some ways this is not a surprise as being a great technician is very different to being a great manager.  So what are the core skills and qualities to being an effective manager?   Core Skills and Qualities 1: Communication Skills   Being an effective manager requires the ability to communicate well in writing and...

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Team Leadership Success – The Benefits of Letting Go

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As a leader you know that if you are going to achieve anything of significance you need to: Get people engaged and supporting what it is you are trying to achieve Utilise all of the resources that you have at your disposal Be personally productive so that you focus and maximise your own personal contribution to delivering results Keep people’s motivation high through both the good and difficult times. While this might seem really simple in theory, many leaders often find out that it in the real world it is much more difficult to...

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Creating Successful Workplace Relationships In Teams

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People spend a huge amount of time each year at work.  Outside of work we get to choose who we spend our time with and in general we have great relationships with people most of the time. Work on the other hand is a little bit different.  A group of people, often with very different backgrounds and aspirations come together and are tasked with building relationships and delivering great results.  Sometimes it can be a challenge and in reality is a huge cost to business too. One of the big challenges for people in teams is that there is...

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The Real Consequences of Failing To Change

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Let’s face it many of us find change hard. Even when what we have is not great by any stretch of the imagination. I was working on a presentation recently about influencing change. As part of that presentation, I was thinking about organisations that either lost their way or in some cases went out of business. Woolworths is one that many will remember closing its doors about 8 years ago. The thing is Woolworths was a generalist retailer and one that faced a lot of competition from places like pound stores. Others like Marks and...

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How To Gain Support When Trying To Make Change

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If you have ever been involved in any form of organisational change, you will know just how tough it can be to make change. One of the common mistakes that is made is assuming that people will just accept and get on with making change. Sadly the reality is very different. People will often go to extreme lengths in order to avoid the need for change. It’s a vote for the familiar over uncertainty. While there is no blueprint that will guarantee the support of others when trying to make change, there are some things that you can do to...

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5 Reasons Why You Are Struggling To Make Change

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Change is part and parcel of being in business. On one level everyone gets this. Of course talking about change is one thing. Actually delivering it is rather different. Now some might tell you there is some magic formula that guarantees success. I’m not one of them. What I have learned over the years is that there are some big things that actually significantly reduce your chances of making change in organisations. Reason 1: Lack of Clarity About the reason for change, about how things will be different after you have made the...

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If This Was Missing You Wouldn’t Be Human

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I had someone get in touch recently telling me about their challenges in making change. Now I guess we all know that if something was easy everyone would be doing it. At the same time if everyone was doing something it might seem a lot less appealing. Of course people who actively seek out opportunities to make change are usually those who are motivated by challenge and specifically making change or improvement. Does that mean that they have no fear, doubts, worries or anxieties along the way? Definitely not. They do however recognise that...

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Do A Reality Check

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We all know that the pressure on organisations these days is significant. Those who lead organisations understand that if they fail to change or adapt they can easily become irrelevant. So the case for change might seem pretty compelling. Surely working on another idea or change won’t be that much of an issue for people. Here’s the thing. In many organisations what you find is that there are no shortage of initiatives that get started. The trouble often is that things get started get so far and fall by the wayside. One change followed...

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Using Force Field Analysis to Identify Benefits and Barriers to Change

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Change brings uncertainty, risk and opportunity. When faced with change it is not uncommon for resistance to be the first reaction. People will often go to extreme lengths to avoid change. Sometimes they might even hold on to things they constantly complain about. Sometimes it’s a case of better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Whenever trying to make change you need to understand the benefits and barriers. Force field analysis is one of the techniques you might use. Let’s take an example to illustrate Imagine you are...

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